Dr Alex Smuts

BSc CHS BCM CMA   |   AHPCSA Reg No. A11383   |   Pr No. 0560243

"In my practice I strive to maintain a balance between providing my patients with the age-old wisdom and knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as the latest and most scientific evidence that I have gathered on the human condition, while engaging in an open rapport about their unique state to create solutions that work for them.


Life is not black and white and therefore requires sensitivity and understanding in responding to the needs of the individual.


In my practice I strive to bring together objective evidence and subjective experience in order to obtain the best outcome in improving the lives of my patients.


The aims of my work with my patients are to:

-Diagnose the root cause(s) of their condition

-Alleviate their symptoms and treat the root cause(s) of their condition

with the most suitable and effective treatment protocols

-Educate them on these root causes

-Empower them with the techniques to heal and better maintain their own health


Only by creating a mutually open and understanding relationship between the practitioner and patient, can both become the healer, and the healed!




Dr Alex Smuts"


BSc CHS BCM CMA     |     AHPCSA Reg No. A11383     |     Pr No. 0560243


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