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What is a virus?


It is a single sequence of simple RNA or DNA, genetic material. Viruses are best understood to originate from inside of cellular organisms when there is an error in the process of DNA or RNA replication (transcription) due to toxic overload within the cell or toxic exposure to the cell membrane from outside of the cell.


Endogenous Retroviruses account for 5-8% of the human genome. We have co-evolved with viruses for Millions of years.





Aged | Compromised Immune System Intestinal Lining or Microbiome


Respiratory Conditions | Compromised Lungs


Overweight | Obesity | Excessive Mucous





Signs and Symptoms to look out for:


Fever/Chills Dry Cough Dry and/or Sore Throat Burning Chest Asthma Wheezing or Shortness of Breath Hyperventilation or Accelerated respiration Thirst


Headaches Mental incoherence Irritability Body aches and pains Cold extremities Fatigue Weakness Lethargy Aversion to cold


Abdominal Distension Nausea Loss of Appetite Loose Stools or Diarrhea Nasal Mucous/Watery Discharge



 Shortness of Breath | Difficulty Breathing


NB: Sneezing is a sign of healthy immunity


Syndromes and Subtypes in Chinese Medicine


  1. Prevention Phase

  2. Influenza Phase

  3. Pneumonia Phase

  4. Recovery Phase





Routine washing of hands with soap is proven to be more effective than hand sanitizer against most viruses including COVID-19


Practice Hand-to-Face Contact Awareness to greatly reduce susceptibility



Hand Sanitizer

Ethanol more effective than isopropanol | +60% ethanol essential | +80-90% Ethanol most effective for Corona Viruses


Daily sunlight exposure

30-60 mins before 11.30am or after 2.30pm

UVA is particularly effective against Viruses | Heliotropic Therapy irradiates the blood even reaches the organ level and is proven to destroy viruses in the human body


Reduce smoking but don’t quit just yet as this could throw you into a healing crisis and make you more susceptible to COVID-19


Daily Fasting 12-18 hours

[must consume your minimum daily caloric requirement for your Age Gender Weight Height and Activity Levels | indexes and calculators can be found on the internet]


Daily Warm Water

40-60’C with 3 slices Freshly cut Ginger and ½ freshly squeezed Lemon Juice


Greatly reduce or altogether remove Dairy Eggs and Animal foods from your diet as these foods are high in protein and feed viruses [viruses are agents made of pure protein]


Predominantly fresh Fruits and Vegetables


Supplement with Low Dose Medicinal Mushrooms <1g/day especially Reishi / Shitake / Ganoderma / Red Reishi and Maitake


Eat more Gourmet Mushrooms

Shimeji | Enokitake | Oyster Mushrooms Portabello Porcini Brown and White Button Mushrooms


Supplement with Chinese Medicine Prevention Herbal Formulae


Low dose ‘Yu Ping Feng San’ and ‘Yin Qiao San’ with occasional ‘Ban Lan Gen’


China has had a 93% Recovery Rate because their President Xi Jinping, a big supporter and advocate of Traditional Chinese Medicine, decided that Chinese Herbal Medicine in the form of packaged products and decocted herbal teas were indispensable in the treatment and cure of COVID-19 infections, thus enforcing this medication upon all those infected or suspected to be infected with COVID-19 with no risk or side effects


Herbal Teas

Sutherlandia Fructescens / Cancer bush | Mullein | Peony Root | Wild Yam | African Potato | Ginseng | Rooibos Chai | Peppermint | Cacao / Cocoa Hot Drink



Qi Gong | Inspirational Breathwork | Diaphragmatic and Abdominal Breathing | Hatha yoga | Kundalini Yoga

10-20mins per day


Light exercise

10-20mins per day

Stretching | Calisthenics | Swimming | Yoga | Pilates | WuWei | Free Movement or Conscious Dancing



30-60 mins per day of silent sitting Meditation in any preferred posture or p

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