What is TimeWaver?

TimeWaver is a system of information field treatment that analyzes your body using a database of over 1 million entries to identify disease states, nutritional deficiencies, food allergies and micro-organism influences. TimeWaver is divided into two systems of treatment: TimeWaver Med and TimeWaver Frequency.

How does TimeWaver Med work?

TimeWaver Med utilizes the most advanced quantum technology designed by quantum physicist and inventor Markus Schmieke to communicate with your body using quantum frequencies and bio-feedback. It then compares your body's energy field to a database to diagnose and determine the best treatment protocols for you. It then uses these same frequencies to treat you distantly much in the same way that cell phone radio towers are able to broadcast frequencies to your cell phone.

To watch a video of the inventor Markus Schmieke explaining the TimeWaver system you can click on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piCUCGwpSvU&t=132s

For more videos of Markus Schmieke click on the following link: 


How does TimeWaver Frequency work?

TimeWaver Frequency utilizes the same system mentioned previously to treat you physically using direct micro-electrical currents. Different apparatus are used to apply healing to an individual. Headphones can be used to transmit audible Binaural Frequencies to a person to initiate healing internally. Pads can be placed on an area to relieve pain or diminish a skin lesion such as warts or eczema. The diodes can be placed on the head and neck to relieve headaches. Pads can be place on the head to treat anxiety, depression or sleep disorder. The diodes can be held to transmit micro-electrical frequencies through the entire body to improve daily energy levels.

What can I expect from a TimeWaver Med session?

You will be physically scanned by the device, after which a series of diagnostics will be performed. You will participate in the interpretation of the information and work with your TimeWaver practitioner to decide on a set of treatment programs. During the session you should experience a lightness of your being and an overall improvement in your mood. 

Later you will be sent Diagnostic, Treatment and Progress reports for your perusal.

You will receive a minimum of 1 month of distant frequency treatments that will address your specific health concerns. Within this month you should see a noticeable reduction in, if not complete disappearance of, the symptoms related to your condition(s).

In addition to this you should notice considerable improvements in your mood, disposition towards life, a harmony of your relationships with others (friends, family, colleagues) and overall quality of life.

You can also book follow up appointments to treat your specific health complaints directly 

Will I feel anything from TimeWaver Med or Frequency?

You will not feel any adverse or noticeable sensations other than a remission of your symptoms. The frequencies transmitted by TimeWaver Med are so subtle that they pass through the physical body, therefore you would only be able to feel mild moving sensations through the body if you practice deep meditation or have a heightened awareness of your mind and body. TimeWaver Frequency like Rife frequencies produces a pleasant tingling sensation in the area of the applied apparatus.

Is TimeWaver safe and are there any side effects?

TimeWaver is a completely harmless system of healing that utilizes highly accurate frequencies of a homeopathic nature, specifically attuned to your needs. There are no recorded side effects from TimeWaver frequencies.

Who should go for TimeWaver?

Anyone who wants to address immediate or long-term health issues whereby the cause for such conditions is unknown, and treatment thereof lacking or non-existent.

TimeWaver uses the largest information field database so far developed by the scientific community to diagnose and treat your specific health concerns.

Originally designed and built by Nuno Nina, a Portuguese Biochemist and Scientist, for over 20 years in various of his clinics in Portugal, the TimeWaver database has the most advanced system of quantum and frequency healing yet created by man.

This database has been further contributed to and updated by thousands of TimeWaver technicians, practitioners and scientists at TimeWaver Academy over the last 10 years.

Why should I go for TimeWaver?


In our current day and age it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage one's own health, stress levels and responsibilities. TimeWaver offers a solution to the lack of time and accessibility for therapeutic treatment of an individual overwhelmed by life's stresses. By transmitting healing frequencies distantly, on an ongoing basis 24/7, TimeWaver ensures that every aspect of your life becomes balanced and in harmony with itself and its surroundings.

To watch a video of Nuno Nina explaining the database you can click on the following link: 


For more info go to: http://www.timewaver.site/ and click on the South African Flag for the English version.

Disclaimer: Science and orthodox medicine do not accept the existence of information fields, their possible medical or other relevance, the TimeWaver systems and their applications due to a lack of scientific proof in accordance with orthodox medicine standards.


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