Acupuncture is the insertion of very fine needles into clinically documented points, at very specific anatomical locations on the human body. These points regulate energetic functions in the body to promote a state of ongoing balance and health, free from dis-ease. 


Acupressure and Acupuncture have been practiced for more than 5000 years and operate on the phenomenon called Qi. Qi  is an ancient term used to describe the fundamental substance of the universe and all creation, also referred to as Prana, Energy or Life force.


We now know scientifically this substance called Qi to be protons and electrons, the subatomic particles that make up reality. The Acupuncture Meridian system is a network, an electrical grid sub-structure that underlies all physical structures in the human body. An acupoint is a nodal point or site of accumulation of protons and electrons when the mind or body becomes dis-eased. 


Acupoints can only have an excess, deficiency or imbalance of protons and/or electrons. By pressing or needling an acupuncture point you either inject or release electrons or protons into or out of the body respectively. 


Qi or the flow state of electrons and protons in the human body underlie all internal and external bodily functions, therefore by positively influencing Qi  one can promote a state of optimal functioning for all of the body's processes. 


Dis-ease is not a natural, consistently occurring state, and therefore the ultimate goal of Traditional Chinese Medicine is not just to alleviate disease, but to maintain health. By maintaining health in this way one can promote a balanced, joyful and thriving life for all individuals.


Low-Level Multi-Radiance Therapy


The Radiant Life CoMRa Delta Low-level Laser is a device that emits 4 different radiances simultaneously:





Electromagnetic Waves


CoMRa stands for Coherent Multi-Radiance. It is a Russian designed technology that has been around for over 40 years.


The CoMRa Delta is a painless, harmless device that has infinite benefits to the physical body and mind.


Among these benefits it is able to instantly:


Alleviate Pain

Stimulate Repair & Regeneration of Damaged Connective Tissue

Treat Neurological Conditions, Degenerative Conditions & Low Immunity

The following ailments are effectively eased and often cured by the CoMRa device:


Sports and traumatic injuries

Arthritic pain and inflammation

Back pain and neck pain

Post-surgical recovery

Persistent wounds



The regenerative effects of the CoMRa Laser make it able to treat a wide array of chronic degenerative conditions as well, including but not limited to:


Multiple Sclerosis


Sinusitis and Asthma

Circulatory issues


Spastic Colon


Not only does CoMRa treat medical conditions, it improves and aids overall health, much like consuming a healthy diet would do.


CoMRa improves physical and mental well-being, slows the ageing process, and cleanses and detoxifies the following systems:


Central Nervous System

Cardiovascular (Blood) System

Lymphatic System

Endocrine (Hormone) System

Viscera (Internal Organs)


To view Treatment pricing go to:



To read more on the device visit the link below:


Herbal Medicine


Using the theories and knowledge within the Huang Di Nei Jing  or 'Classic of the Yellow Emperor', herbalists of ancient China realised early on the infinite benefits of a life lived with a diet abundant in herbs.


The term 'Herbs' includes: Flowers, berries (fruits), seeds, nuts, leaves, vines, twigs, stems, bark, roots, bulbs and minerals. 'Herbs' basically refers to  very rich plant or mineral substance that are not part of a bland, staple diet. All these forms of herbs affect different areas of the body selectively, and perform very specific functions.


Ancient herbalists realised that clinical, observational study of the human body with the use of herbs allowed for the properties and functions of these herbs to be quantified in a simple and effective way.


The properties of these herbs were well studied and documented in the following format:




Actions and Indications

Recommended dosage



This format ensures the safe and effective use of herbs by Doctors, provided that they are a qualified herbalist. 


Today we have a vast Materia Medica of herbs to not only treat and cure thousands of diseases, but more importantly to maintain a state of balanced health, free of dis-ease.





Moxibustion is the process of burning a combination of herbs, classically in the form of a cigar-like stick, primarily made from Mugwort or Artemisia Chinensis.


Moxibustion is the process of warming the Acupuncture points and sites of injury with this burning herb to:


Invigorate & Warm the Blood

Expel Cold

Stimulate Metabolism & Libido

Relieve Pain & Spasm


The Moxa stick is lit using a flame, and the burning coal of the Moxa stick is hovered above an area of injury or Acupuncture Point to elicit the aforementioned functions.


Tui Na Chinese Medical Massage


Tui Na or "Push-Pull" is an ancient term referring to the most simple technique used in Chinese Medical Massage: 'Pressing' and 'Grasping' the Muscular Tissues in a rhythmical way to Relieve Stress and Pain in the body.


This form of massage that encompasses dozens of techniques was developed over thousands of years. These include using the fingers, knuckles, palms, fists, hands, wrists, arms and elbows to positively influence the Acupuncture Meridian System, muscles, fascia and other connective tissues, Blood, Lymph, the nervous system, bones, brain and internal organs. In essence it is a holistic form of massage that treats the whole human being: Mind, Body & Spirit.


Manipulation of the Acupuncture points, joints, fascia and other connective tissues is able to relieve stress, tension, stagnation, pain and inflammation in the body as well as to promote and stimulate cellular, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive and cerebral (brain) function.


This will have the effect of limiting and preventing disease, and promoting an ongoing state of health.




Cupping is the process of applying suction-pressure using a special glass cup to certain Acupuncture points or along Meridians to Regulate the Immune System, Improve Circulation, Relieve Fatigue and tired muscles, Reduce Inflammation and draw out toxins in the connective tissue.


The use of cupping on Acupressure points stimulates these points indirectly, and the effect often lasts longer than that of Acupuncture.


The use of cupping on the back is used to Relieve tension, Pain and Inflammation.


Slide cupping is a form of massage that relieves tension in the back and associated tissues.


Wet cupping can also be used, whereby a cup is placed on an already pricked Acupuncture point to draw out toxins from Meridians, thus indirectly improving the state of the blood and the body's natural regulatory mechanisms.


Gua Sha

GuaSha is the process of vigorously sliding a jade spoon with liniment oil over the skin along specific meridians or groups of connective tissue. The effect of this form of treatment is to rapidly increase blood supply to the area to Relieve Muscular tension and Stress, or to Stimulate an Immune Response to treat or even prevent a Common Cold.


QiGong Hands on Healing Therapy


QiGong therapy is the use of breathing techniques, the power of visualization and mindful intention by the practitioner upon the patient to alter the Qi mechanism within their body, bringing it back to a normal state of harmony and balance.


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